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Discuss an influence the belief system had on the lives of its followers or the society in which it ​You may use any example from your study of global history .

If parents are honest, surely they will pass it to their children genetically, otherwise it can be developed practically which needs patience and dedication. It is a quality which helps a person to succeed in life and get much respect. It gives identification to the moral character of a person.

Dishonest people may easily get trust and respect from other people; however, lose that forever whenever get caught. Being dishonest is found sin in all the religions however people practice it for their short time benefits and selfishness. Dishonest people always become hated and disbelieved in the family and society. They never get support and sympathy from good people even God.

They never become morally strong and their life becomes miserable. Being honest is never mean to bear the bad habits of others or bear the ill-treated activities. Everyone has rights to reveal and take action against what is going wrong with him.

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Honesty is a virtue which shows moral ethics of a person. If all the people seriously practice to get honest, then the society will become an ideal society and free of all the corruptions and evils. There will be huge changes in the day-to-day life of everyone. It can happen very easily if all the parents and teachers understand their responsibilities towards the nation and teach their children and students about moral ethics. Honesty is a word which we all much familiar of it however not so used to of. There is no any concrete method through which honesty can be tested however it can be felt to a great extent.

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It brings stability and lots of happiness in the life as it easily wins the confidence of people in the society. Honesty means being honest and truthful to anyone in all aspects. Honesty is the way we do for others in good and selfless manners. Some people only show to be honest however in real life they never become honest and it is wrong way to cheat innocent people.

Honesty is truly a virtue which reveals good qualities of a person.

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Honesty plays various important roles all through the life which can be seen very clearly with open eyes. Being said an honest person by the people in society is the best complement for that person. It is the real property a person earns in life which never finishes.

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Lack of honesty in the society is the biggest gap now-a-days among people. It is due to the lack proper interpersonal relationship between parents-children and students-teachers. Honesty is not a thing which can be bought or sold. It can be developed slowly thus home and school are the best place for a child to develop good habits. Home and school are the place where a child learns moral ethics.

Essay on honesty (100 words)

Thus, there should be some essential tactics in the education system to keep a child close to the morality. Children must be instructed properly right from their childhood to practice honesty at home and school with the help of parents and teachers. Youths of any country are the future of that country so they should given better opportunities to develop moral character, so that they can lead their country in better way.

Honesty is the true solution of all human problems. Now-a-days, everywhere is corruption and various problems in the society just because of the reducing number of honest people. In such a fast and competitive environment, people have forgotten about the moral ethics. It is necessary to rethink that how to bring honesty back in the society to let everything go in natural manner.

People should realize the value of honesty in order to manage the social and economical balance. Honesty is very necessary to be followed by people as it has been an essential requirement in the modern time. It is a good habit which makes a person capable enough to solve and handle any difficult situation.

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Honesty is the Best Policy. Paragraph on Honesty. Paragraph on Honesty is the Best Policy. Please Help us to improve, Contact us. Honest people can be rely on and trusted to, as you can open them your secrets, knowing that this person will never tell anyone about the things you trusted him.

These people usually keep their word and command respect of others. Sometimes there are cases when honesty and truth can hurt a person.

People can be very straightforward and hurt someone with their words. In such cases the truth, of course, should be told, but softly and gently, in order not to offend other people. Most people lie in order to look better than they actually are, or because they are embarrassed of their favorite activities and hobbies.

The most important advantage of honest people is that they can be themselves. These people know how to enjoy good fortune of their friends and loved ones, they do not envy, and do not betray.

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Others can trust them and they are respected. They do not dump the blame on others and are able to admit if they did something wrong, they always keep their promises, and can stand up for themselves. It is always difficult to cultivate some positive qualities, but we should do it for our whole life. It is very important to know that people respect you, trust you and rely on you. These ordinary things can make you truly happy.

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