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Discuss an influence the belief system had on the lives of its followers or the society in which it ​You may use any example from your study of global history .

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American Revolution Assess the validity of this statement: The Revolution change in mind, heart, principles, opinions, feelings, affections of people was the real American Revolution I. The Revolution began before the war began a.

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Taxation without representation a. Townshend Acts a. Parliament retaliated with Coercive Acts a. Closed the port of Boston and suspended self government in Mass. Colonists trained Minute men a.

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Colonists offered Olive Branch Petition a. The pro-slavery lobby put forward a number of arguments to defend the trade and show how important it was to Britain: The trade was necessary to the success and wealth of Britain.

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The merchants and planters warned that abolition would mean ruin for Britain, as the whole economy would collapse. If Britain did not engage in the trade then others would.

Africa was already involved in slavery. They stated that Africans enslaved each other. Taking Africans from their homeland actually benefited them.

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In his publication 'The history of the British West Indies' published , Mr Edwards also uses this argument when he describes a woman who said she prefered Jamaica to Guninea as people were not killed there. Here the extract.

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The enslaved people were unfit for other work. Many people were very prejudiced in their beliefs.

Many ordinary people in Britain were uneducated and travelled little further than their own village, making it easier for those involved in the trade to influence public opinion. Conditions on the slave ships were acceptable.

Several of those involved in the trade, merchants, ships' captains and plantation owners, provided evidence to parliament regarding this. One example is the report of Mr. Norris to the privy council in What were Arguments of the anti-slavery lobby?

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The seeds, minerals and crafts that he carried in 'the Clarkson box' were used to demonstrate this. If something is wrong, it is wrong whether others do it or not. This argument was used by Baron Grenville in his speech to the House of Lords when he said, " Can there be a question that the character of the country ought to be cleared from the stain impressed by the guilt of such traffic, Those enslaved in Africa were usually prisoners of war or victims of political or judicial punishment.